5-Well Culture Dish

For denudation before ICSI, culture and cryo procedures.

  • The 5-well dish ensures embryo viability
  • each well is surrounded by either air or media, resulting in a homogenous temperature

Vitrolife dishes are specifically designed to support and facilitate the various procedures during the IVF process to make your way of working easier and more effective. Vitrolife dishes are manufactured with quality controlled and certified materials. The finished products are further tested to offer a secure environment for gametes and embryos.

  • MEA-tested
  • sterile, non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic
  • CE-marked for IVF
  • Optimal heat transfer: totally flat bottom with 100% full contact on evry individual dish and on every type of dish. (
  • Secure patient and embryo identification
  • Easy-grip for convenient handling
  • Easy stacking 
  • Ramped edges in wells (culture dishes) 
  • Adapted to X/Y stage microscopes (squared dishes)

Sterility and testing 

  • Sterility assurance level (irridation) 10-6
  • USP Class VI tested polystyrene 
  • Non-pyrogenic at less than 0.25 endotoxin units/device
  • Quality standard - Medical Device EU Class Ila, Canada CMS/CAS
  • MEA using muliple endpoints, including 1-cell. expanded blastocysts on day 5  80% and cell count.
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