Receptacle Simple Sperm Collection Cup

The innovative design allows sperm to be collected directly through a funnel, insuring correct total volume by eliminating the need for sample transfer.


  • Graduation from 1 to 17 ml controlled for each batch (certified COFRAC) giving an exact value of the volume in ml
  • Collection cup packed sterile with a double welding, tracking batch number on the plastic bag (ionised at 20kGy) and coloured dot on each collection cup as well as on the cardboard ensuring expiry date for sterilisation



  • Material: PEBD-PS (in compliance with regulation CE 1935/2004 totally inert and non toxic in regards to human sperm)
  • Medical device class I - CE marking in compliance with annex I and II from the European directive 98/79/1998 concerning in vitro diagnostic medical devices 
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