Log&Guard™ labor monitoring and documentation

OCTAX Log & GuardTM is a monitoring and alarming system which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of quality control in IVF/A.R.T. All critical culture and storage parameters are continuously measured and documented through a network of external sensors:

  • Temperature inside incubators, fridges, freezers, liquid nitrogen storage tanks
  • Ambient temperature and humidity
  • Ambient VOC
  • CO2 from incubators
  • O2 from incubators (reduced oxygen atmosphere)
  • pH of culture media (via pH Online™)
  • Power supply is constantly monitored 

In case any of the values exceeds the pre-defined normal range, Log & Guard™ will rise visual and audible alarms and send a text message to up to four mobile phones.
Avoiding an additional PC, the system operates on a web interface based software platform which is easily accessible from any computer in your local network. Alarming conditions and thresholds, measurement intervals and many other parameters can be set individually to perfectly adapt the monitoring network to your individual lab. For long term storage, measured data can be converted into MS Excel files. Log & Guard™ is highly flexible and extendible with respect to the kind and number of external sensors to be connected.

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