NaviLase™ dynamic Laser for IVF


Dynamic multi-purpose laser system for A.R.T. / IVF
OCTAX NaviLase™ combines innovative laser motion technology with proven safety. NaviLase™ operates in your mode of choice, either statically or dynamically without any need for recalibration.

  • Just navigate the mouse cursor to any place within the working area on the monitor – NaviLase™ will take its action: fast, accurate and reproducible.
  • For highest safety and user convenience the expected ablation size of the zona pellucida is indicated by an electronic target which allows interactive adjustment.
  • A newly designed graphical user interface refines and complements the functionality of OCTAX EyeWare™, the multi-purpose imaging & archival software platform which controls OCTAX NaviLase™.
  • Providing a selection of different operational modes OCTAX NaviLase™ can be appropriately used for any major laser-based application.

Features & Advantages

  • Moveable single-/multi-pulse modes for all relevant applications
  • Calibration-free
  • Available as an upgrade to existing OCTAX Laser ShotTM systems
  • Supported by the OCTAX EyeWare™ platform
  • Based on the proven safety concept of OCTAX Laser Shot™
  • Compatible with commonly used inverted microscopes in IVF: Olympus: IX 50/70, IX 51/71, IX 53/73; Nikon: TE2000, Ti-S, Ti-U; Zeiss: Axiovert 200, AxioObserver
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