0.5ml High Security Sperm Straws

Storage and preservation of sperm. CE marked.

The special design and the mode of filling and sealing of CBS High Security straws for cryopreservation of human biological samples makes them fully hermetic, especially in liquid nitrogen.
Manufactured from biocompatible materials, they are used in medically assisted procreation techniques and particularly for sperm preservation.
The CBS straw is a clear, flexible tube made of ionomeric resin.


Model CBS 0.5 mL


Same technical specifications as the 0.3 mL straw, except that the working volume is 0.5 mL, and the outer part of the cotton safety plug is colored.


The CBS 0.3 mL and 0.5 mL straws carry tamper-proof barcode and/or alphanumeric identification on an outer jacket that can be removed after thawing, guaranteeing sample traceability.

Filling and Sealing

Straws are filled individually by means of a yellow sterile nozzle and a micro-aspirator.
The impermeability of the seal is only guaranteed if the CBS straws are sealed with the SYMS or SYMS II sealing systems.
For large series (sperm banks), the CBSTM straws are filled and sealed on an automatic machine
(PACE) or on an automatic filling, sealing and printing machine (MAPI).

Storage in liquid nitrogen

Cryo Bio System carries a line of accessories for storage and management of CBS straws in liquid nitrogen.

Recommendations for thawing CBS straws

After verifying the location of the desired straw, its identification is confirmed by the color of the internal identification tube (CBS 0.3 mL), its plug (CBS 0.5 mL) and/or its outer jacket.
The straw is gently removed from the storage visotube, taking care to keep the part containing the sperm in liquid nitrogen. Once it is checked, the straw is reheated by placing it in warm water (maximum 37°C) for a few seconds. After drying, it is ready to use.

Applications also for:

Virtually any liquid sample can be stored in CBS High Security straws. Applications include plasma, serum, buffy coat, red blood cells, extracted DNA, urine, mouth wash, cell suspensions, bacterial or viral strains, gametes and embryos.



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