Makler Counting Chamber

Chamber Description: The Makler Counting Chamber is only 10 microns deep: 1/10th of the depth of ordinary hemocytometers, making it the shallowest of known chambers. Constructed from two pieces of optically flat glass, the upper layer serves as a cover glass, with a 1 fine grid in the center subdivided into 100 squares of 0.1 x 0.1 mm each. Spacing is firmly secured by four quartz pins.


  • Applied spermatozoa are uniformly distributed and monolayered, and are observed in one focal plane.
  • Dilution is unnecessary.
  • Built-in grid
  • All spermatozoa acquire friction free, horizontal movement and are always examined under constant conditions.
  • Self controlled accuracy. No Calibration needed
  • The Chamber is reusable.
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