EmbryoFreeze & EmbryoThaw

EmbryoFreeze™ and EmbryoThaw™ (EmbyoFreeze/Thaw) are a set of ready-to-use media for freezing and thawing human embryos between 2PN and 4 cell stage.

EmbryoFreeze/Thaw are propandiol based cryopreservation
media which also contain PBS, sucrose and human serum
albumin (14-15g/Liter). EmbryoFreeze/Thaw do not contain antibiotics.

3 types are available:

  • 1-step freezing + 3-step thawing kit
  • 3-step freezing only
  • 3-step thawing only

EmbryoFreeze/Thaw are CE marked as Class 3 medical devices according to EU directive 93/42/EEC.

The product is stable for 18 months from date of produce.

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